Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Harry 'Castro Bear' Lit is Ill;
Aaron the Cub has Died

On this gorgeous day in San Francisco, I received pieces of sad news about two bear community friends, and I want to share the news, to process some of my grief and other feelings, and get the word out about a couple of great gay guys.

My friend Harry Lit, originator of the Castro Bear and Lazy Bear gatherings, and all around terrific guy, is seriously ill. The Castro Bear site is helping to raise funds to bring him home from South of the Border, providing info, health updates and a PayPal button to make donations. Today some really good news was shared:

As we posted earlier, this morning Harry was aware and even speaking a few words. Given the original diagnosis received over the weekend, this is nothing short of miraculous - and speaks volumes about Harry's inner strength as well as the power of love and support he's been receiving from - literally - around the world.

While these latest developments are cause for renewed hope, it's important to note that he's not out of the woods by any stretch. Harry still experiences long periods of unconsciousness and certainly can't carry on a conversation. We still don't know the extent of damage caused by the stroke, and we don't know the degree to which he will fully recover.

We can report one piece of extremely good news: thanks to your generosity, the Harry Lit Emergency Fund has raised enough money to cover the cost of the air ambulance that brought Harry and Allen home. We managed to raise $30,000 in four days - incredible! Thanks to everyone who opened their hearts and wallets. The Fund will remain open as we continue raising funds for Harry's ongoing medical expenses, and we continue to welcome your support in off-setting the cost of this critical care.

In a city of GIANTS, Harry is a Champion among Champions!!

Let's hope Harry is soon back in the Bay Area with his large, extended, loving bear family.

The other sad news is that my friend Aaron, the sweet cub who used to work at DeLessio's Cafe was found dead in his Mission district apartment this morning. I heard the news from a co-owner of the cafe, who had no details about cause of death or further relevant info.

When Aaron first started working at DeLessio's, he caught my eye, with his short, snug body and creative inking, not to mention his smile. He was totally addicted to the more mature, hefty and hirsute among us, and I was always ready to hear of his sex-scapades at bear orgies and other social functions.

Prior to leaving LA and coming to San Francisco, Aaron had gone through heavy criminal charges and some jail time. He found the turnaround and salvation he needed to get his life steady in this great city.

You won't be surprised to learn that Harry and Aaron knew each other, and it's oddly touching the paths of both have crossed my way today. I've said a few prayers for Harry and his partner Alan, and will say some more for Aaron, who should rest in peace.

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