Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gay Youth Signatories Needed:
Letter Deploring UN Execution Vote

Luis Moreira is a top leader with the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization, and I've been in touch with him recently. I wanted to make him aware of the actions on 12/10 in New York and 12/11 in San Francisco to protest the recent United Nations vote removing gays from a statement on executions.

He shared with me the language of IGLYO's sign-on statement, which right now has 17-names on it, and none are from the United States. If you're a gay youth leader, read over the group's open letter and considering adding your name to the list of signatories.

As far as I know, this is the only collective letter of protest being organized since the UN's vote two weeks back. Do you know of another such effort? Lemme know if you do and I'll help promote it.

This is the full text of IGLYO's open letter:

The only resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly that specifically mentions sexual orientation was evaluated again this Tuesday, November 16th. On the initiative of the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) and with the support of the African Group, the reference to sexual orientation was removed.

The resolution addresses extrajudicial killings. Member States are requested to protect their citizens and quickly investigate all extrajudicial killings committed for a number of reasons listed. Two years ago, sexual orientation was included in the list when Sweden led the negotiations of this resolution.

The introduction of the reference to sexual orientation was an initial success in the enforcement of human rights for LGBT people. Now the UN is taking one step back. This is unacceptable.

Therefore we demand all member states to include "sexual orientation" as a reason to be protected against extrajudicial killings in this resolution.

Contact Luis should you have any questions or agree with the letter and want to sign it. Here is his email: luis@iglyo.com.

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Ken Howard, LCSW said...

I'm not a gay youth (anymore), but as a middle-aged gay man, I would love to sign their letter in support. I find the UN resolution appalling, and I thoroughly indict the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the African Group for it. It is tantamount to supporting genocide, and this sentiment has NO place in the United Nations. In fact, I support the United States withdrawing from the UN over this very issue. We in the US should have no part of an organiztion that would condone extrajudicial killings.