Monday, October 13, 2008

Prop 8: Gill, Diller = $0;
Hormel, Huffington, Kushner Donate

The Advocate today took happily-married Ellen DeGeneres to task for not donating the No on 8 campaign, which is desperately trying to save her marriage in the eyes of the law in California, along with thousands of other gay marriages in jeopardy if Prop 8 wins.
I decided to do my own search of a few gay moguls and one cultural warrior hero of mine, just to satisfy my curiousity.
Among the super rich gays was Tim Gill, computer wiz of Colorado. He's donated nothing to the No on 8 campaign, but he coughed up $250,000 for the 2000 anti-gay-marriage initiative Prop 22. Anyone know why he's not giving to this year's proposition?
I don't know how to classify business executive Barry Diller -- gay?, bisexual?, man who had sex with men and is now married to a woman? -- but he also hasn't written any checks to help kill Prop 8.
Financial advice guru, treasurer for the Democratic National Committee, and Human Rights Campaign advisor Andrew Tobias made a donation back in May. He gave $5,000. Okay, not much, but certainly more than DeGeneres' gift of nada.
Former U.S. Ambassador and heir to part of the Spam fortune, Jim Hormel, has opened his check book three times for No on 8. Hormel's given a total of $250,000.
Arriana Huffington's ex-husband, and now open gay man, former political Michael Huffington in September contributed $100,000 to defeat the proposition.
Oy, that angel of a playwright, and cultural warrior proud of his leftist beliefs, Tony Kushner, gave $15,000 to fight the right and preserve gay marriage equality.
Hey Tony, if you read this, could you ask Meryl Streep to write a check to the No on 8 campaign today, please? We sure could use a bit of her magic, and dollars, to help fend off this assault on gay couples.

Click here to search the donors' database at the CA Secretary of State's web site.


Oops. I have been informed by knowledgeable sources that Tim Gill, through his Action Fund, has made significant contributions to defeating the hateful Prop 8 initiative. Through many philanthropic endeavors, the Gill Action Fund has provided close to $1 million to our side's fight to preserve gay marriage rights in California.

My mistake yesterday was in only searching the individual names database, and failing to look at contributions made by political action committees, corporations and nonprofits. I stand corrected and apologize to Tim Gill. Please contribute to the No on Prop campaign. Click here to donate.

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