Monday, October 06, 2008

Palin's Gov Calendar & Emails FOIAed

Over the weekend, I read about a Republican good government activist and her successful effort prying loose four boxes of Gov. Sarah Palin's emails, along with a log listing 1,100 emails that were withheld. Mother Jones' web site provides a great overview of this sunshine effort by Ms. Andree McLeod.

My curiosity was piqued to read what the governor's office cleared for release, so I searched high and low for web-posted copies of the emails McLeod did receive, but couldn't locate any of them or a web site for her. When McLeod didn't return my phone calls, I decided to file my own request for copies of everything she received from the governor. I also requested a copy of Palin's calendar, stretching back to her first day in office.

It sure would make my sunshine activist heart happy to get those emails and calendar, at least a week before the election, and potentially find info helping to convince more voters Palin isn't ready for the Veep's office, but I don't hold out much hope I'll get the records by then.

Alaska's public records disclosure laws don't mandate how fast an agency must release documents, so Palin's office may not respond to my request till after November 4. It's also reasonable to think they might heavily redact the calendar.

However, since part of my request is for files already found, cleared and released months ago, there really should be no reason to not promptly provide the documents to me.

Wish me luck - I'm going to need it.

Here's my request, which the governor's office confirmed receiving this afternoon:

Ms. Michelle Fabrello
Governor Sarah Palin's Communications Office
Juneau, AK

Re: Public Records Request

Dear Ms. Fabrello,

Under the full provisions of Alaska's sunshine and public records laws, I hereby request copies of the following public files:

1. Gov. Palin's official daily calendar from December 6, 2006, up to the date of this letter.

2. All emails and files provided to Ms. Andree McLeod in response to her June 17, 2008, public records request to the governor's office.

Please provide me with copies of the requested public records in electronic format and send them to my email address.

I believe there should be a quick turnaround for this request since the governor's calendar and records responsive to Ms. McLeod have already been gathered and released.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me at 415-xxx-xxxx.

Thanks for your prompt response to this request.

Michael Petrelis

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