Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Has the Market Street Cinema Closed?

The marquee says this straight adult venue is shut only for temporary reasons, so that a renovation can take place. It's been at least ten-days that I noticed the Market Street Cinema was closed. Not that I ever saw anyone going in or out of that theater, in all the years I rode past it on my bike.

The same cannot be said about the Crazy Horse adult theater at Market and Taylor Streets, where I ordinarily see men who look like they're in town for a convention milling about or getting ready to enter.

If renovations are indeed taking place inside the Market Street Cinema, their entrance shows no signs of it, as evidenced in the photo above. With all the development and gentrification underway along the Mid Market Corridor, I wouldn't be surprise if the property on which the porn cinema is located is slated for a new office building or condos.

We'll see if construction workers are spotted going into the theater and doing actual renovations any time soon.

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