Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dead Tree: Goodwill = Bad Neighbor

The intersection of Mission near 11th Street received a most welcome development in August. Goodwill Industries planted two trees in the middle of the busy sidewall a few feet from the main entrance to their offices and the Muni bus stop. That location bakes every day in the afternoon sun and any tree, much less one surrounded by massive concrete, is requires regular watering to survive.

Unfortunately, executives at Goodwill Industries didn't keep their promise to properly maintain the trees and keep them alive. The photo above was snapped today, showing one dead tree in need of removal and replacing. Another tree nearby, is doing okay enough and needs a thorough soaking.

Here's the first August note from Peter Gochis, who's in charge of the nonprofit's real estate:

You are absolutely right about these trees. We watered them this morning and will set up a weekly watering schedule. We will look into implementing your other suggestions shortly. Thanks again for your concern for these trees and making this urban corner a little more green.

When I saw the trees were again wilting, again I contact Gochis who replied:

We will water these trees twice a week for a few weeks—till they come back and then we will go on a once a week watering schedule. Thanks again for your input on our new trees.

I've no idea why Goodwill Industries installed the beautiful trees without a clear and doable plan of simple maintenance. Considering all the laborers they have on the payroll passing through the complex on Mission Street, I hoped Gochis and his colleagues would recruit a laborer to perform upkeep.

Let's hope Goodwill Industries' leaders soak the surviving tree, remove the dead tree, plant a new one and develop a plan to better care for all of the trees on or near their property.

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