Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Silence = Doctor Grant Colfax, Obama's AIDS Czar

It's been 76-days since an original post appeared at the White House Office of National AIDS Policy blog written by Obama's special assistant, Dr. Grant Colfax, pictured. His last post on December 19 was titled "We Want to Hear From You" and solicited public comments regarding HIV, girls and women.

The deadline for comments was January 20th, and that page is operational today as I write this.

One month back, I complained to the White House about the then-two-month lack of engagement from Colfax at the ONAP blog, and the administration quickly cross-posted a "let's all work together" essay from senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. That was nice, but it was not the engagement I expected of Colfax and the administration in Obama's second term.

What has the AIDS Czar been up to in the past 76-days, who is he engaging with, can we learn his top three-issues taking up his time and when can we expect the administration to regularly use the blog to inform us of ONAP's activities?

Just a few questions I pose to Colfax and his White House colleagues. Communicate with us!

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