Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Woof #32: Bronze, Ebony & Ivory Dudes

Here in the Bay Area this past week, we were blessed with simply fabulous weather. I was out and about on my bicycle, snapping photos of attractive dudes, some of whom were displaying a decent amount of skin. All very pleasing to my queer eye. Much gratitude to these fine dudes for striking great poses in front of my camera.

Here we have nudist activist Trey, dressed in business drag, after a recent court appearance with one of the sexiest shaved heads in town.

Say hello to Ron, who looked quite sexy with his perfect mohawk haircut and in a tank top tee shirt on Market Street.

These gentlemen were spotted on Wednesday afternoon down at the farmers' market at United Nations Plaza.

I know Tony from assorted AIDS functions over the years, and here he is on his way to the SF DPH's AIDS Office for an appointment.

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