Monday, March 25, 2013

NYT: (Lesbian) Quinn Threatens to 'Cut Balls Off' Opponent

Why has the New York Times waiting so long to publish some nasty truths about lesbian Democrat, City Council President and mayoral wannabe when surely its reporters have known about her disturbing threats to do bodily harm to opponents?

An LGBT-created and -operated blog, Christine Quinn Sold Out, has performed admirably holding her accountable for numerous betrayals and outrageous sleaziness. In September, the gays behind the blog and their supporters staged a successful protest at the Times' headquarters, pictured, calling them on the carpet for ignoring mounting qualms and criticism against her.

The March 26th edition of the Times contains a front-page story in the paper version, about some of the violent threats Quinn has promised to people who've crossed her, and the tyrannical approach she employs to govern. Curiously, the word lesbian isn't mentioned once and it should have been given how Quinn has played the queer card to advance her political career.

Nice to finally see the Times balance out its puff pieces, like the July 25th article on her and her wife spending weekends on the Jersey Shore leading the life of lesbian domestic bliss, with an accompanying ten-slide pictorial of the couple preparing for a barbecue.

From the Times tomorrow:

As she pursues a high-profile bid for mayor, Ms. Quinn, a Democrat, has proudly promoted her boisterous personality, hoping that voters will embrace her blend of brashness and personal charm. But in private, friends and colleagues say, another Ms. Quinn can emerge: controlling, temperamental and surprisingly volatile, with a habit of hair-trigger eruptions of unchecked, face-to-face wrath. She has threatened, repeatedly, to slice off the private parts of those who cross her. ... 

In strategy sessions, Ms. Quinn can speak colorfully of other lawmakers, often saying, “I’m going to cut his balls off.” In Ms. Quinn’s parlance, the phrase can apply to women, as well: in the interview last week, she volunteered that using that phrase with a gender-neutral pronoun — “their” — is “a good way of doing it, so you don’t have to wonder about the gender.” ... 

Forget wondering about the gender and instead focus on the sanity of the candidate! I can't imagine a male heterosexual politician getting away with comments promising bodily mutilation. Imagine the uproar if a GOP pol said a thing about cutting off someone's tits.
Can you believe she once earned a paycheck as the executive director of the Anti-Violence Project?

Quinn should be harshly and roundly booed for this boorishness. Oh, and keep her from becoming mayor of New York City.

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