Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weekend Woof #30: Furry Nudists, Mormon, Lawyer, Meter Man

San Francisco has been blessed this week with some fabulous weather and a higher than usual number of adorable boys and men, captured by my camera, so high I will more pix from this week in the future. Thanks to all the fellas, for striking poses for me.

Do you remember my post about the sexy skinny guy with the fine pelt on his chest, at City Hall on the first day of the nudity ban, helping a blind African-American woman up the steps, while fifteen uniformed cops stood around offering no assistance to her?

His name is Trey, pictured top and left, and he was in court yesterday to be arraigned for the arrest at City Hall. As adorable with clothes on as well as off! On the right is fellow nudist Pete, who was not rolling his over what Trey was saying.

I had a court appearance also yesterday, and before schlepping to the Hall of Justice, there was schmoozing at the cafe across the street for assorted defendants and supporters. Here are my two handsome nudist buddies, Woody, left, and Mitch on the right.

My cute attorney Derek was sporting a new haircut yesterday, and soaked up a few rays of sunlight on the courthouse steps after our hearing before the judge. Don't know how he stayed cool or comfortable in his suit and tie, when it was so warm and sunny yesterday afternoon.

This young and very friendly meter man for parking meters around town, had the best artistic facial fuzz I saw all day. Meter man may not be the right job title, but he was no meter maid!

This Mormon recruiter was with his buddy down at the UN Plaza farmers' market on Wednesday, and he wanted to chat about Jesus Christ. I asked if he could be recruited to come out and support gays, and he wasn't happy with that, but he was fine about me snapping these pix.

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