Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Woof #34: Mormon Boys Offering 'Services'

As always, I offer deep gratitude to the guys who strike poses and smiles for my camera, and to the nice fellas pictured this week who chuckled when I promised each of them fame and fans across the country. Thanks, boys and men!

Allow me to introduce you to Michael, the general manager of Max's Cafe at Opera Plaza. I had dinner there the other night with Veronika Fimbres, who knows so many fine folks all over town, and she acquainted Michael and I. Thanks, Miss Veronika!

Our neighboring Friends School is finishing their top floor and their property manager, Paul, pictured left, held a chat to share info about the construction work soon to start. On the right is the project director Nathan. I requested regular wet tee shirt contests with the construction workers, as part of good neighbor relations, an idea they promised to run by the worker dudes!

Sometimes, I wonder if there are an higher-than-usual number of Mormon boys in town fulfilling their missionary duties to their church. I see them everywhere at times.

This week, I found a bunch of them outside their temporary housing in the Mission and as is the case with most of them, they were more than happy to engage in conversation with me. Yes, after they wanted to chat about recruiting me, I countered with my usual request to recruit them into the gay lifestyle or at least keep open minds about folks with beliefs different than theirs. That got them to smile!

I was surprised to learn they pay to go on a two-year mission. I thought the church paid them a stipend and took care of costs incurred traveling the world.

When asked what they do when not hanging out at the 16th Street BART station, they said they perform services for people. What kind of services, I wondered, thinking impure and delectable thoughts which I made known.

Once of the boys replied, "Stuff like mowing lawns and raking leaves." Since we live in an apartment without such needs, he offered other drudge services such as cleaning out a garage.

FYI, the young man on the left is from Australia, the center one is from Tonga and the last one hails from Spain.


Rusty said...

It's usually assumed that Mormon guys are required to go out on their "missions" in order to recruit more members for the Mormon religion. The truth, however, is that the main purpose of these recruiting efforts is to brainwash the recruiters so that they'll be less likely to leave the church as adults. After spending two years having to argue in favor of Mormonism, their minds develop an immunity to counterarguments.

It's a clever system, and it's a major reason for the growing power of Mormonism in the United States.

Michael Petrelis said...

I shall have to redouble my efforts to save these boys from such a corrupt system! ;-)

Yep, count me among who thought some very incorrect things about the two-year missionary work the boys perform and the purpose.