Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Polk Street's Field's Book Store is Now Closed

On my way to pick up food at Myconos Greek Restaurant on Polk Street yesterday, I walked past the shuttered Field's Book Store.

I shopped there over the years and am sorry to see them close the book on their retail operation. Happy to report they're starting a new chapter as booksellers by moving operations to the web. That's the good news, as we mark another San Francisco bookstore closing up shop.

The wonderful staff: David Wiegleb, Heidi Geyer, and Esther Fishman. Thanks back at you guys!

Before they vacated the stocked bookshelves, they snapped this photo of their beautiful smiling faces and holding a sign sharing gratitude with their patrons and friends, and hundreds book surround them. What a way to go!

That shingle will soon be coming down, but while it was up and swaying in the gusts that blow down Polk Strasse, it served as a signature store proving the wealth of diverse shopping options available on the street.

Signs reading "Field's physical location is now closed", are taped to the door and storefront windows and empty shelves stand in the background. A sad sight but I'm glad the staffers are staying in business online.

A lengthy letter of thanks is posted on their window and can be read at their site. Best wishes to Field's finding success via online sales.

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