Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Woof #33: Beards & Construction Workers

Slabs of concrete were being removed from a building on 11th Street near Market yesterday, and replaced with plate glass windows. The construction crew was having a good time using their big machines, and I had a great experience snapping photos of them with my small camera.

I'm happy to include these dudes in my latest series of hunky guys on the streets of San Francisco.

It's a good think I don't have to choose a favorite out of these guys because I find them all quite appealing to my queer eye.

The man with the sexiest mohawk, who was featured last week, makes another appearance with this shot from a different angle.

From any perspective, nudist activist Trey, who is making his third appearance in this woofy series, has quite an attractive look. Here he is in profile with that damn sexy shaved head of his shining in the sun.

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