Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Woof #31: Construction Worker & My Pals

All of these photos were taken a week ago Friday, when San Francisco was experiencing a simply super sunny and warm day. A hearty cheers of thanks to the guys working or smiling for my camera. I couldn't continue this fun series of photographs without you!

This hunky construction dude was working on Folsom Street and not only had this queer guy taking his photo, but there was also a woman with a very fancy camera snapping away.

My friend Tate not only has a great new haircut, but he's also developed some mighty fine mutton chops. Looking quite stylish in black with a hint of grey, young man!

I ran into these two Radical Faeries at the Brain Wash Laundromat and Cafe in SoMa. The blonde on top is Kyle, displaying some chest hairs, and his buddy Miguel. Yes boys, thumbs up indeed!

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