Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pink Pistols: Only 9-Words on Sandy Hook Massacre

Remember my post a month ago, about the Pink Pistols organization and their offensive poster, pictured, featuring two young lesbians draped in ammo jewelry and one holding an automatic file? I complained about the silence from the Gay NRA about the massacre in Newtorn, Connecticut.

Well, they've broken their silence about that tragedy and also weigh-in on President Obama's sensible calls for action and dialogue to make America less deadly due to guns.

At their newly-designed site where they've removed the poster and all images, longtime spokesperson Gwen Patton finally opines on that tragedy, albeit in passing and surrounded by more words of guns-first rhetoric. Underlining added:

“This is what we need, a reasoned discussion, not emotional knee-jerking. The deaths at Sandy Hook were awful and tragic. But we should not get caught up in the urge to do something, anything, and do the wrong thing.” She smiles. “I said it before, and I’ll say it again. "No compromise on either our gay rights OR our right to bear arms is acceptable to the Pink Pistols."

Only nine-words on Sandy Hook. As sympathetic to the victims killed in Newtown as Wayne LePierre.

Wrapping themselves in the Second Amendment, the Pink Pistols' release assures us they're not dead, derides Obama's initial efforts to just have a rational debate about guns and less lethality, and makes fleeting reference to gay rights.

I'm not impressed. Count me among the Americans who strongly endorses Obama's steps in recent weeks to address the myriad gun violence problems in our nation. Don't expect the Pink Pistols to contribute constructively to the national debate, since their minds are clearly no open to new thinking or potential compromises to protect school kids and everyone else.

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