Sunday, January 20, 2013

SF Mayor: No to Fly Trans Flag, May Hoist Atlanta Falcon's Flag

Almost two months ago, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee rejected a request from transgender activists and their allies to fly the Trans Pride flag, pictured, from City Hall on November 20 to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Mayor Lee and his staff never offered a satisfactory answer as to why they couldn't raise the Trans Pride flag on that date, especially after it was pointed out to City Hall officials that they fly lots of flags from the taxpayer-funded flagpole off the mayor's balcony.

On Friday, Mayor Lee put out a release regarding a friendly wager with Atlanta's mayor if his city's football team wins today's playoff game (happening as I write this post). The Falcons' flag is pictured above. Emphasis mine:

The losing Mayor will light up his City Hall for a night in the winning team’s colors – Red & Gold on the Atlanta City Hall if the Niners win and Red & White on the San Francisco City Hall if the Falcons prevail. The losing Mayor will also fly the flag of the winning team on a City Hall flagpole for a day.

Oh, our mayor can't be bothered to fly the Trans Pride flag but he's happy to hoist a flag of an out-of-town sports team if he loses a wager.

Color me not impressed with the shameful political games Mayor Lee plays with what is supposed to be a flagpole for all of San Francisco's citizens. 

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