Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gay Star News: 'I Am Not Propaganda' Pix Urged for Russia

(My gal-pal Nadia, of Gays Without Borders in San Francisco, displaying her support for gay Russians.)

The global LGBT news and entertainment site Gay Stars News, based in London, ran an excellent story on Sunday about Russia's pending 'no-promo-homo' law written by John Paul Zapata. (Disclosure: A photo of my partner Mike Merrigan and I are featured in the story.)

I heartily approve of Gay Star News urging readers to participate in the photo campaign, and including the simple instructions for making a photo along with the phrase, in Russian and English, to print on a sign in either language. Instructions at bottom. Please show some solidarity with the Russian LGBT community and make a photo of yourself saying you are not propaganda and send it today to the organizers.

From Gay Star News:

The photo campaign comes as Russia's State Duma voted in favor of the new law on Friday (25 January), which forbids 'homosexual propaganda' to minors which it links to pedophilia. 

On Thursday (25 January) the Kaliningrad region, with a population of almost a million, became the 10th Russian region to pass a law. The Kaliningrad governor just needs to sign the bill in order for it to become law. According to the Coming Out website, the campaign challenges the moral grounds of the anti-gay propaganda bill . . . 

To view the photos that have been submitted so far, visit OutLoudMag.ru. To contribute your own photo to the online campaign, take a picture of yourself holding a sign that reads 'Я человек а не пропаганд', which translates to 'I am a human being and not propaganda'. Submit your photo to yanepropagnda@gmail.com.

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