Wednesday, January 02, 2013

DPH: 77 People Enrolled in SF/Miami PrEP HIV Trial

The November monthly sexually transmitted disease report from the SF Department of Public Health provides information about their PrEP trial, looking at using Truvada among high-risk HIV negative folks to avert new infections.

So far, 77 individuals in San Francisco and Miami are enrolled in the trial. Looks like a good number, considering there has been less than three-months to recruit and enroll qualified folks.

If it's found that Truvada is a safe and effective drug for prevention purposes, we'll have one additional tool to reduce HIV transmissions.

Click here to access the DPH page for trial enrollment. From the report:

We are excited to announce that San Francisco City Clinic, in collaboration with Bridge HIV, has launched The Demo Project [which] is the first demonstration project in the United States assessing the feasibility, safety and acceptability of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) implementation in STD clinics . . .

The Demo Project will enroll up to 300 HIV-uninfected gay and bi men and transgender women at the San Francisco City Clinic, and an additional 200 participants at a Department of Health STD clinic in Miami, Florida. 

The project launched at the end of September and to date we have enrolled 57 participants in San Francisco and 25 in Miami. HIV negative gay and bi men and transwomen interested in participating in the project should call (415) 487-5537 to schedule a PrEP screening visit or inquire about the project at their next City Clinic visit.

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