Tuesday, January 08, 2013

ER Visit & Averting Pneumonia

After three days of being sick with a few ailments, I can now blog about what's been going on with my health.

I went to the emergency room at Davies hospital in the Castro yesterday morning, to have the medical staff determine what was causing nasty coughing, night sweats and aches all over. Numerous test results showed I was suffering from bronchitis and the flu.

The attending physician, after looking at my extensive medical history, said she was putting me on antibiotic and wanted me to keep taking my AIDS cocktail. Acting more like a big sister than an ER doctor, she told me to not only take all those meds but to avoid going out of the house for the next couple days to avert contracting pneumonia again.

When I said a bit of pricking from acupuncture needles would do me much good, especially with my breathing problems, the doctor said if I had the energy to get to my acupuncture clinic to take advantage of some alternative healing.

Let me say thank you to the ER doctors and two nurses for their care and concerns. Oh, and it really helped that both nurses made me laugh when I didn't notice the ER hallways, exam rooms and bathroom had been redecorated since my last visit.

"Guess this means my 'gay card' for 2013 won't be renewed," I said between coughs.

Between the drugs and alternative healing, including laughing, I hope the worst of this multi-sickness episode is behind me.

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Angela Speziale said...

Happy you know what ails you and have an antidote! And don't be silly, of course your gay card will be renewed!!

Plenty of rest, soup and fluids.
Big love,
Your little sister