Wednesday, June 13, 2012

RocketHub Launch for
SF Global LGBT Video Project

At Gays Without Borders, we're on a learning curve about using crowd funding sites to assist us in making the San Francisco Global LGBT Pride Video project a reality. Ken Hodnett, Michael Merrigan and I are getting a valuable lesson in crowd funding.

Click here for details on the video effort.

In a previous post, I pushed our proposal at Kickstarter which has an all-or-nothing funding mechanism. If you reach your monetary goal, the funds are released but if you miss it then the pledges are returned to donors.

Not so with RocketHub and their crowd funding rules. They are more flexible and released all pledges regardless of whether you meet your funding goal. For this reason, we've posted our proposal at RocketHub and you can read it, and donate to the project, here.

We've received a $25 donation via our RocketHub page and hope it's the beginning of more contributions - small and large. Our Kickstarter proposal has been canceled and we're now only using RocketHub to help underwrite the video.

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