Friday, June 01, 2012

Another Voter Against Dorsey for SF Dem Panel

Patrick Monette-Shaw is a widely respected veteran of many whistleblower, transparency and accountability battles in San Francisco and he has the scars to prove it. He's also someone I'm to call my friend and colleague, and he's also not voting for City Attorney spokesman Matt Dorsey to retain his Democratic County Central Committee seat.

All voters eligible in the DCCC race must understand that a vote for Dorsey equals a vote against good government and responsible accountability over city agencies. Make no mistake about it. Dorsey and his former City Attorney colleague Scott Wiener don't want to amend the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force: they are committed to ending it.

Do not cast a ballot for Dorsey or Wiener, if you give a damn about keeping City Hall honest and transparent.

In response to my post yesterday regarding organizing nine votes against Dorsey in the June 5 election, Patrick sent this note:

I'm your tenth vote against Dorsey, Michael, and I'll encourage 10 of my friends to do the same, and ten of their friends, too. The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force has never been a rogue, lawless jury, as Dorsey wrongly asserted. It doesn't "beat up" on City departments, but it does find that it is a handful of certain City departments that are worse than others, a handful of departments that wrongly withhold public records.

The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force has never tried (knowingly or otherwise) to get any public employee fired. It has tried to keep public officials held accountable for their public decisions. The Task Force has tried to get wayward City departments to adhere to California's Public Records Act (CPRA), and the Sunshine Ordinance, and it has admittedly found at least 35 cases of official misconduct by senior City Family officials and managers.

Dorsey said many City public information officers (PIO's) spend "an extraordinary amount of time and resources complying with the [Sunshine] ordinance." In fact, many PIO's and their respective Departments spend an extraordinary amount of time and resources obstructing compliance with the Sunshine ordinance. Dorsey is an expert at this. Dorsey was making all of this up then — a rogue Task Force beating up on City departments, and City departments obstructing rather than complying with Sunshine requirements — and if he now still stands 100% behind his "then" words, then he's still completely wrong and still making things up.

Like Dorsey, so too is Supervisor Scott "The Tinkerer" Wiener an expert at obstructing Sunshine, since Wiener was previously a Deputy City Attorney, one of Dorsey's co-workers. Dorsey and Wiener are both hell-bent on undermining San Francisco's Sunshine Ordinance. Neither want a truly clean open government, or the Task Force would not have concluded that Wiener and three other currently-sitting City Supervisors had been found to have engaged in "willful failure" to disclose records involving the Park Merced development deal.

I'll be encouraging 10 friends to not only NOT vote for Dorsey and Wiener, I'll recommend they NOT vote for any DCCC candidate who is a currently-sitting or former Supervisor, or for Gabriel Robert Haaland. It's time to get regular Democrats, not office holders or office-holder wannabes, back on to the DCCC.

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