Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8-Months No ED at EQCA;
No Harm to the LGBT People

My, how time has flown by since the last executive director of Equality California resigned and whose final day heading the group was October 14.

Wanna bet the majority of lesbians and gays and queers and bisexuals and transgenders in the Golden State can't recall the ED's name or know the group has been leaderless for eight-months?

Roland Palencia barely had time to redecorate the ED's office before departing. He lasted about three-months at EQCA before fading back into the woodwork in Los Angeles.

That's shorter than the very limited tenure of Torie Osborn in 1993 serving as ED at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Writer Karen Ocamb thought it was a six-month stint, but Osborn claims it was for ten-months.

In the eight-months since Palencia left EQCA no harm has come to the California LGBT community and the group has basically been in simple survival mode, not doing much more than keeping the lights on.

Another day without an ED at EQCA and the group teetering on total irrelevancy, is a good day for our community.

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