Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brinkin's 'Zack3737' Messages 
at Yahoo's 'SlaveNigger' Group?

The San Francisco Chronicle today reports that longtime gay rights advocate and former staffer at the city's Human Rights Commission, Larry Brinkin, was arrested over the weekend by the police, held overnight and charged with felony possession of child porn.

Brinkin is alleged to have used Zack3737@aol.com as the addy from where he received and sent the pornographic images.

Like many gay people here who know Brinkin or have worked with him at the commission, I am very surprised and disturbed about the charges and alleged web postings from him.

Searching the web using the Zack3737@aol.com addy to see for myself the messages on chatboards posted from that account, I found several troubling posts from 2011 at the Yahoo group SlaveNigger:

(Warning: Graphic racist and pornographic language contained in the screen grab. Click to enlarge.)

I don't know if the posts are from Brinkin or if the addy belongs to him, but to bring attention to them regardless because they are so vile. What I grappled with after reading the messages was a desire to not pile on Brinkin and to keep an open mind that he's not been convicted of anything, but I also didn't to ignore the posts because of the hideous racism expressed in them.

Whoever owns the Zack3737 addy certainly has one twisted mind.

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