Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Woof #38: Blue Collar Dudes, Street Muscle

This week has been very productive, in terms of snapping some great photos of lots of blue collar and street muscle dudes catching my queer eye. What a respite from all the political blogging during the week, to have this photographic project to provide good mental health relief! As always, many thanks to the boys for making this series possible.

I've mixed the snaps from Thursday's union picket line at the War Memorial board meeting with snaps of other blue collar dudes either at construction site or strolling the streets, including one dangling a bet set of keys. Word to the wise. The former light-brown high-rise on Van Ness at Fell where Triple AAA was once headquartered, is undergoing major renovation into a rental apartment complex. The men working there are mighty friendly and some quite happy to explain the work going on. Nice to look at too!

I once enjoyed a French gay site full of beefy dudes, bears and all others including sexy belly guys, and the term "beefs" was used to describe the beefcake on display. Beefs is how I refer to certain guys, including the ones above, all photographed in the Castro.

Another Weekend Woof edition to please your queer eye!

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