Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jay Blotcher's ACT UP & Friends Reunion in San Francisco

We met many moons ago, Jay Blotcher and I, in the 1980s in ACT UP/New York and remain friends. He lives in New York and is out in San Francisco for work related reasons, and on Saturday night he invited his friends to a fantastic dinner party in the Castro.

I had the best time, seeing old pals and making new acquaintances, sharing lots of laffs and a bit of sadness about our late colleagues from ACT UP days, and during the evening felt the thrill of being alive and enjoying the good company of good people. Thanks to Jay and everyone at the dinner for a fabulous evening.

Here six veterans of various ACT UP chapters lining up for a group shot. From the left, yours truly, Greg Scott, David Tuller, David Robinson, Russell Pritchard and Jay.

Just a few of the fab folks pose for another group shot. From the left, Angela Penny, Tom Flinn, Jay, Greg, David Tuller, David Robinson, Claudia Breglia, Russell, Gerard Koskovich, David Glass and me.

I'm almost embarrassed to say I didn't recognize David when I first saw him. Guess it was because he wasn't wearing a tight, black shimmering skirt and sparkling earrings like he used to when facilitating ACT UP meetings. Reminded him that our late friend Harry Weider, who was a dwarf among many other things, used to say that one of the benefits of being so short was being up to look up David's skirt!

Cutie-pies Tom Flinn and David Glass gave me their best smiles for this shot. I think Tom met Jay in college and David is a friend from his high school days.

This our friend David Tuller. Back in 1987 at ACT UP's first demonstration on Wall Street, he was among the arrestees. He asked about my comrade-in-arms at the time Neil Broome, who lives in Massachusetts these days. Here's a partial list of the Wall Street 17 and if you know of other names, share 'em with me:

1) Neil Broome 
2) Frank Dowd (RIP)
3) Prema Lee 
4) Rodger McFarlane (RIP)
5) Michael Petrelis 
6) Charles Stimson 
7) David Tuller

On the left we have Greg Scott sitting next to Russell Pritchard. Greg was part of ACT UP/DC who's a terrific writer and Russell I remember from ACT UP/NYC as one of the sweet smarty-pants guys.

Jay and Claudia during the dinner party at La Mediteranee on Noe Street, where we occupied the center space of the restaurant and enjoy delicious food and great service. Wonderful choice to hold the get-together.

Here's Jay chatting with David Glass as we waited for our tasty desserts and coffees to be served.

There's that David Robinson again, this time mugging for my camera with Lisa Geduldig, putting their heads together.

As the meal was coming to an end, I grabbed a photo of Hank Donat on the left, and Gerard Koskovich.

Our visiting guest of honor and I strike a pose for the camera. We've known each other so long I recall when neither of us had a single gray hair.


Jay's Mother, Valerie said...

thanks so much for the "review" and photos. was heart-warming.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you all. Thanks for posting Michael. Miss you. Timothy