Friday, May 03, 2013

BAR Corrects Manning/SF Pride Story Error

(Pentagon Papers leaker and sunshine hero Daniel Ellsberg addresses the crowd on April 29.)

When I saw the Bay Area Reporter's story about the Bradley Manning support rally on Monday at the SF Pride office by freelancer James Patterson yesterday, I thought it was a good, balanced and informative report. However, I was displeased he incorrectly said my fellow rally organizers, Lisa Geduldig and Tommi Avicolli Mecca, and I had called for the resignation from SF Pride board president Lisa Williams as a central demand of ours.

While we are not happy with many things related to Williams' leadership, we are not demanding her resignation.

After a few emails with BAR editor Cynthia Laird, Patterson and my activist friends, it's nice to see the paper's web site has amended their online story and a correction will appear in print next week. Thanks, BAR folks!

Here's the correct info in the BAR's amended story:

Their goal, Geduldig said, was to call attention to the Pride board's nomination of Manning as grand marshal and then rescinding it.

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