Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bay Windows on Manning: Why No Bank Protests By Gay Vets?

Add another gay editorial voice to growing chorus that has a lot of good and constructive things to say about SF Pride's board deciding to rescind a Grand Marshal honor to accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower and gay soldier Bradley Manning. That voice belongs to Jeff Epperly in a terrific column for Boston's Bay Windows, saying much that need to be said about the Gay Agenda and who controls it.

Until you cruise over to Bay Windows and read all of Epperly's piece, scan these excerpts:

You could see and hear the hints of our very own burgeoning community-led jingoism as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell debate was unfolding within this community; the unyielding nationalism that arose in some segments of this community if you voiced anything other than 100% patriotic support for the troops, unblemished by subtle questions and doubts as to what our goals were in Iraq or Afghanistan [...] 

It didn’t have to be this way, of course. One of the greatest things about being gay for many of us has been the fact that it opened our eyes to so many untruths that were seen as hallowed territory in this society. The clergy is truth. The police are your friends. Prosecutors only seek justice. Doctors know best. The government only wants to help. And the military fights only for freedom. [...] 

In any case, Bradley Manning is the Daniel Ellsberg of our day and Wikileaks plays the part of the New York Times, which is hopelessly compromised these days as a corporate entity willing to bend to the needs of the national security establishment. [...]

So when word leaked that SF Pride leaders had decided to make Manning an honorary grand marshal, a cry arose from gay and lesbian military groups who saw it as a slap in the face. 

Excuse me? Since when do we take marching orders from groups affiliated with the military? My obligation to those people ended when they got the right to serve, ignoring the fact that the last good reason to fight with the U.S. military came immediately after 9/11 and ended when we decided to invade Iraq for no good reason. 

Not only that, but San Francisco Pride is being sponsored by a rogues gallery of U.S. corporations that raped the world economy and, it’s important to add, also took advantage of countless returning veterans with predatory loans. 

Where is the outrage over that? Why are gay and lesbian military groups not out protesting against Wells Fargo and Bank of America? 

Totally necessary questions I've not seen broached in San Francisco. Where are those gay military folks who hate Manning when it's time to secure affordable housing for queers or fight for full medical and health coverage, regardless of marital status?

Seeing opinion pieces like this remind me that the SF Pride board has done us all a huge favor with rescinding the Manning Grand Marshal honor, because of the debate it's brought about and isn't going away anytime soon.


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Exactly so.

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