Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Questions About SF Pride's Bradley Manning Forum on Friday

After the SF Pride board late last week announced it was holding a town hall meeting on May 31 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at the Metropolitan Community Church in the Castro district, the paltry number of details begged that questions be asked.

One huge problem with their mess of an open meeting on May 7 at their office on Market Street, after the board refused to secure a larger facility to hold the expected hundred or so activists wishing to participate, was the failure to provide everyone with info about how the meeting would be conducted.

Unfortunately, the board again is not sharing necessary info that will get everyone on the same page regarding the May 31 forum. I've submitted these questions to SF Pride's leaders and hope to receive a responsive, while also naively expecting the board will share answers on their blog and Facebook page:

1. What are the structure, agenda and time allotted for each item for the forum? 

2. Will there be a panel of invited presenters and if yes, what are their names? 

3. How much time will be reserved for public comments? 

4. How many minutes will each speaker be allotted?

5. Are two mikes going to be set up for public comments, from what is probably going to be a very large crowd? 

6. What is the capacity for number of attendees at the MCC meeting hall without violating fire and safety codes? 

7. Will the board be taking a vote on any matters? 

8. How will you use social media - live streaming, Tweeting, etc - to engage San Francisco/Bay Area/national/global folks who can't physically be present? 

9. If live streaming happens, and many hope it does, will Pride also archive the footage online? 

10. Will Spanish translation and signing for the deaf be available?

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