Thursday, April 29, 2010

HRC: Harry Wieder = 'Awful Body Odor'

(The late gay/AIDS activist Keith Cylar, on the left, and Harry Wieder, right, peeking at his meat-and-potatoes. This fab photo ran in Outweek's 1991 swimsuit issue. Photo credit: Michael Wakefield.)

Grief is never easy to process, today there's been lots of tears about the tragic loss of my friend Harry Wieder. He was a much-beloved man who crossed the boundaries of several communities. He was killed late Tuesday in NYC by a taxi driver who didn't see him crossing the street.

As I grieve, I find it impossible to obey normal rules for the Insiders/Out listserv operated by my friend Mike Rogers in DC. The listserv's cardinal rule is what is posted there, stays there and can't be shared. Well, I'm violating that rule and will happily suffer the consequences of being thrown off the listserv.

The dignity of Harry and his incredible life, demand that I speak out over obscene b.s. from Marty Rouse, a longtime top leader for the Human Rights Campaign.

Here's his message:

Marty Rouse <> Apr 29 12:06AM

Harry Wieder. I remember 3 things most of Harry, that have not been shared already (and I say this with affection): his awful body odor; his fondness for sexual innuendo; and his deep nasal voice. You could hear and smell Harry coming. And he always made me smile.

Marty Rouse
National Field Director

What a lousy way to show affection. Of all the things to say, at any time -- never mind within a day of Harry's accidental death, HRC's Rouse not once, but twice mentions Harry's smell.

Marty Rouse may have an important job and make a lot of money -- more than $170,000 a year -- but he'll never stand as tall or have the integrity of Harry Weider.


AndrewW said...

I agree Michael. We'll miss Harry. He was authentic. Something Marty doesn't understand or appreciate.

As someone who is trying to figure out how to finally win our equality, I look UP to Harry. Many do.

Anonymous said...

$170,000 a year to ANYONE at HRC who isn't the CEO is OUTRAGEOUS. I'm all for raising the salaries at non-profit organizations, but from the 40's to the 80's, not 170 fucking thousand dollars. And to think gay community donor dollars pay that?? Not anymore, we don't! HRC doesn't do shit for their six-figure salaries. All the money I used to give HRC is now going to GetEqual. At least they fucking do something, and it doesn't take $170,000 a year to do it. If Mr. Rouse wants to make $170,000 a year on the backs of the gay community, he can be an interior designer. Mr. Rouse can shove his $170,000.

Anonymous said...

Obscene is a mild way to describe Rouse's remark.

Even Republicans have more class and humanity. I think we've stepped in Anne Coulter's soulmate.

Unknown said...

this message came in from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous:

You will probably get thrown off the I/O list, but it is in service of a noble cause.

perhaps there is something in the arrogant stench of entitlement that is the body odor that accompanies certain leaders....

the picture is amazing, really fantastic

Unknown said...

one more pal send an email:

very well said mikey... and poo on marty for his lack of basic common decency