Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video: Jamaican MP:

'Many Homos Are Holders of Licensed Firearms'

Over at the KingstonStateofMind blog, covering all things Jamaican, we find this goofy and awful clip of one nutty homo-hating Member of Parliament, Ernest Smith, railing against gays during the recent floor debate on the buggery law:

The blog provides this transcript of some of Smith's remarks:

“I am very concerned that homosexuals in Jamaica have become so brazen, they have formed themselves into organizations. They are on the street. In fact, they are abusive. They are violent. And something the Minister of National Security has to look into, why is it that so many homosexuals are holders of licensed firearms.”

Smith and his attitudes are a reminder that anti-gay politicians exist everywhere, and are a danger to the safety and lives of GLBT people. Many thanks to KingstonStateofMind for posting and sharing the video. I don't sense that the blogger behind the site is gay himself, but he sure ain't buying the "blame the homos for Jamaica's woes" b.s. being peddled by MP Smith:

Homosexuals are also responsible for the Jamaican dollar sliding off a cliff, banning “daggering”, motor vehicle accidents, bad roads and the many layoffs in Jamaica due to the “world economic crisis”, Air Jamaica’s soaring debt, JUTC in the red and the recent out break of Malaria.

If only there were no homosexuals in Jamaica then everything would be excellent.


Merlyn said...

Michael, this man is flat-out insane. Gay people responsible for bad roads, soaring debt, and lay-offs??!! I couldn't listen to the clip--what I read is bad enough. I sure hope he is voted out of office one day. The man is batguano nuts!

attmay said...

Regime change we need.