Sunday, March 29, 2009

Castro's Boycott Jamaica Launch:

New Pics From Clinton Fein

My friend Clinton Fein has posted his photos from yesterday's launch of the Boycott Jamaica campaign, and they're so fabulous I'm sharing the best of the lot here. Many thanks to everyone who helped make the rum dump fun and successful, and to all of those supporting the boycott. Be sure to visit for the latest and most comprehensive info on this important global mobilization against Jamaica's human rights abuses against its gay citizens.

With the historic Castro Theatre dominating in the background, a handful of advocates pour Myers's rum and Red Stripe beer onto Castro Street.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, wearing his Boycott Jamaica tee shirt subverting the Red Stripe logo, has a hearty laugh before he speaks about his endorsement of the boycott.

Longtime leather community organizer Gary Virginia looking colorful holding a sign he made to send a message to Jamaica's leaders.

Veteran queer community organizer Todd Swindell tapes up boycott posters on a pole in Harvey Milk Plaza, before the rum dump begins. His tee shirt reads, "The Religious Right is Dead Wrong."


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

So I'm definitely in agreement that it's a really bad situation in Jamaica for our LGBTQ fam. But I'm a little nervous about boycotting (not that I can afford to jet off to Jamaica this year anyway, and I don't drink). I guess I need more information, like, have you guys hooked up with anyone in Jamaica who is queer?

First world citizens like ourselves boycotting a country that utterly depends on tourism seems like salt in a open wound (the original wound being "us" kidnapping African people and taking them to the island, and the second being the Diaspora).

And help on this?

xx - Holden

Justin August said...

Yes, boycott everything from a whole country based on our disagreements with them.

Sounds familiar - similar to US policy with Cuba, eh?

mcas said...

All for equality, and Red Stripe is shit beer... but Red Stripe is 51% owned by Guinness... so it's not technically 'Jamaican'...

-Straight Ally in SF (who lives in D8)...

Anonymous said...

Justin, I'd say it's similar to boycotting South Africa because of apartheid.

Unknown said...

mcas, our straight ally, makes a good point that Red Stripe is 51% owned by Guinness. But that's all the more reason to boycott - Guinness will put additional outside pressure on the Jamaican society to owe-up and change. the tactic of applying pressure from various sources is what has the best, fastest effect.


Unknown said...

Is it just me or does it seem that the larger (i.e., white) GLBTQ community is always quick to jump on anti-gay issues that emanate from communities of color? I'm not saying that Jamaica doesn't have issues but do Beanie Man and Shabba Ranks, Jamaica's imported products, or even its prime minister hold that much sway over American gays?

There's a local a campaign to educate the LGBTQ community on the insidiousness of the tobacco industry, our home grown, global, opportunistic and exploitive purveyors of disease. The tobacco industry pours money into our community and organizations accept this dirty money without batting an eye. Wouldn't this be a ballsier place to educate and boycott, an industry that has far more impact on our community?

And let's not forget the little matter or overturning Prop 8 that needs our immediate attention and more than a little bridge building with communities of color here stateside.