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(Carol Corrigan, on the extreme right, and next to her, in the light blue jacket, is Corinne Mohrmann. Source:

Proof CA Jurist Corrigan is a Lesbian?
Maybe, In Deed

After rereading the 2008 column in the LA Daily News claiming that California Supreme Court justice Carol Corrigan is a lesbian, I started searching for any proof to back up this allegation and here is some of what I found.

The Alameda county government web site contains a deed in trust listing Corrigan's name along with that of Corinne Mohrmann, who is the executive director of the East Bay religious nonprofit Saint Vincent's Day Home.

This may be the document that leads many to speculate on the jurist living and owning a house with another woman. Even though the deed doesn't tell us if it's for a housing or commercial property, it's still of interest because both women's names appear on it:

Document Detail
Instrument Number: 96171790
Date Received: 07/12/1996
Document Type: DEED OF TRUST


This next bit of information, which comes from the site, is of note, not just because the address listed for Corrigan is the same listing for Mohrmann, but because each women's listing gives the partner's name in the "household" line on the telephone number info site. Nice of to arouse my curiosity that the two women not only share a house but may also share a bed in that house.

Something that I believe raises questions about the ethics of the two women in their business lives, is the fact that Mohrmann is top honcho at the Saint Vincent's Day Home, and Corrigan is not only on the board of the charity, she's also the president of it.

Regardless of the sexual orientation questions, I don't think it's kosher that the ED and board president of a major Catholic nonprofit organization share a household. (Pardon my mixed religious metaphor.)

As a charity watchdog, I'd rather the two top leaders of any such tax exempt group live in separate households, to avoid any hint of conflict of interest and independence.

Corrigan had this say in 2007 when Mohrmann received an outstanding achievement award from the archidiocese for her work:

Corinne has helped pay Catholic school and college tuitions and bought computers and other supplies for children whose parents could not. She has helped pay for travel when relatives were ill, and for funeral expenses when they passed away. She has done all of this and a great deal more without recognition because she lives the life of Christian charity that lies at the center of our faith.

There are many ways to interpret and define the word "our" and how's it used, including for me to suggest Corrigan is saying the word not just as two Catholics, or as ED and board president, but also as a loving lesbian couple.

And finally, the mainstream media has delved into Corrigan's personal life. This is from a profile of her from January 2006 in the San Jose Mercury News:

When Corrigan, who is not married, isn't immersed in her legal work or with groups such as Saint Vincent's, she is at home in Oakland reading books or out on the golf course, one of her passions.

Too bad the Mercury News didn't dig deep and ask with whom does she share her Oakland home and is she a lesbian. I sure would like for Corrigan to talk about what appears to be strong clues that she is a member of the LGBT community.

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Anonymous said...

Saint Vincent's Day Home is a day care and school for low income families. It no longer has any religious affiliation. But it is strange that the ED, Morhmann, is living with her boss, Corrigan...