Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ocamb: EQCA Audit Results
To Be Released This Month

After reading my post yesterday about the two independent audits underway related to the loss of gay marriage in the Golden State, longtime journalist Karen Ocamb made some inquiries of the folks involved with the audits. Here's her memo:

Hey Michael -

OK - here's what I've found out so far: EQCA is conducting their own analysis - strictly of their role in the No on Prop 8 campaign - and they expect that to be completed some time this month. It will be released soon after it is presented to the board.

Michael Fleming is traveling - but I left a message. He's the one spearheading the larger post election analysis with a team at UCLA. I'll let you know what he says when he gets back to me.

Take care -
Karen O.

Thanks, Karen, for doing the follow up so important to gay journalism.

I certainly hope EQCA will keep the promise they made to Karen and that the findings are made public, and before the month is over. If Geoff Kors and the EQCA board soon share their analysis with us, I'll be among the first to praise them for doing something right.

The EQCA audit could go a very long way toward helping the community understand the strengths and weakness of the group's integral role in the campaign, and, as important, serve as a guide to the two new gay leaders EQCA just hired from Massachusetts, Marc Solomon and Amy Mello, and help them design the best plan for achieving what their home state enjoys - gay marriage.


Anonymous said...

God, I love you. Thanks again for holding their feet to the fire.

Unknown said...

thank you, clinton. and i love you too!

yes, i have a good memory for the things that have been promised since we lost gay marriage, and i intend to keep the pressure on for more accountability. we have not had nearly enough of it.

a few people told me they completely forgot about the audits, or that there were two of them to be conducted.