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Human Rights Complaint Filed Against S.F. DPH STD Control Czar Dr. Klausner

February 2, 2007

Virginia Harmon
Executive Director
Human Rights Commission
San Francisco, CA

Dear Ms. Harmon,

I wish to lodge a complaint against Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, chief of the STD control and prevention unit of the Department of Public Health, and also ask for an investigation into his relentless campaigns demonizing and stigmatizing gay men and gays living with HIV/AIDS.

For years Dr. Klausner has waged several media campaigns dragging the sex lives of gays and PWAs through the mud, in an effort, without scientific proof, to place more restrictions on access to the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

Most recently he used his SF DPH title on press materials from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation when that Los Angeles-based nonprofit sued Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra.

In my opinion, it is discriminatory for Dr. Klausner to continually use gays and PWAs as supposed uncontrolled sexual demons, recklessly misusing Viagra and then supposedly spreading HIV.

The Bay Area Reporter's January 25, 2007, editorial also weighed in, unfavorably I might add, on this matter:

Many gay AIDS activists have major issues with Klausner's repeated attempts to stigmatize gay men with leading irresponsible sex lives. And by extension, AHF and Klausner's position is patronizing to gay men by implying – incorrectly – that gay men who use Viagra somehow can't put on a condom.

Furthermore, I must point out Dr. Klausner's outrageous contention that Viagra somehow equals HIV transmission is not scientifically borne out by a report from a year-long panel, convened by the National Institutes of Health. Please read the entire report posted here.

And that is not all. The news release heralding the NIH report, which read "No Link Found Between Erectile Medications and HIV," quotes the editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which published the findings, that the report saying erectile dysfunction have helped gays living with HIV and taking cocktail medications:

Irwin Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, noted that this paper is especially important to the field. "Health care providers should be reminded that individuals infected with HIV frequently have ED from their disease or from pharmacologic agents commonly used in its treatment. Positive clinical benefits have been reported in the HIV population when using PDE-5 inhibitor drugs as indicated."

Very interesting facts, wouldn't you say, that Dr. Klausner never acknowledges when spreading his lies about gay male sexuality. You can read the full release here.

Also, I ask you to investigate Dr. Klausner in August 1999 using city government dollars for a full-page ad in 35,000 copies of the Bay Area Reporter. The headline read: "Syphilis: A Time-Bomb We Can Defuse!" The DPH-subsidized ad prominently featured a walking, ticking time-bomb equating people with syphilis as explosive devices.

The offensive and discriminatory ad is not on the web, but I have mailed you a hard of it and this complaint.

I believe the Human Rights Commission has jurisdiction when a gay community member living with AIDS files a complaint alleging discrimination by a top official of the DPH and respectfully ask that you immediate accept my complaint and begin proceedings to determine if and why Dr. Klausner is practicing discrimination and stigmatization of gay men and PWAs.

A prompt reply is requested and would be appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Petrelis

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