Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Act Up America's SF Die-In For Healthcare Picks Up Steam

(Standing, from left: John Silverman, yours truly, Kaye Bessler, Kenny. Seated, from left: Zel The Fierce, Ralowe T. Ampu, Clinton Fein.)

A handful of people out to change the world have met over the past two weeks to plan San Francisco's part in commemorating ACT UP's 20th anniversary, with a die-in planned for March 29, in conjunction with ACT UP/NYC's action that day.
We've used the name Act Up America and see our true agenda, universal single-payer health care for all, of course affects our city, but is truly a national concern that must be addressed by Congress and all presidential candidates now.
At our first meeting, four people showed up. The second attracted seven good individuals, all ready to contribute something tangible. Nice to almost the number of people coming, and don't we look just fabulous in our photo?
This is our new meeting schedule:

When: Every Thursday, starting tomorrow, February 22, through Thursday, March 22
Time: From 6 - 7 PM
Location: Three Dollar Bill Cafe, at the gay community center, 1800 Market Street.
The location of our March 29 action in is flux, with four or five people voicing support for staging it at the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue, and I expect other locations to crop up at tomorrow night's meeting. Got an opinion on where to stage the action? Come share it.
We have Gay Shame veterans ready to hit the streets with posters and stickers.
Renowned political artist Clinton Fein is designing our artwork and messages. ACT UP/NYC refugee Emily Nahmanson is handling our copying needs. Georgie D. is working on getting us hospital gowns to use as costumes.
And I'm in phone and email contact with still-living members of assorted ACT UP chapters, not to mention plenty of folks committed to coming out at the end of March to renew our activist street traditions, and putting heat to politicians and bureaucrats on health care for all.
Come join us on Thursday evenings, and make a promise to be at San Francisco's March 29 ACT UP 20th anniversary demo.
Act Up! Fight Back! Health Care for All!

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