Sunday, November 02, 2014

Vid: If You're Pissed Off, #VotePetrelis!
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis

One-week from today, the 2014 election will be over and we hope our DIY Democracy campaign will rack up decent numbers of protest votes from District 8 residents who support what we stand for and also cast ballots for us to send a message of dissatisfaction with the incumbent Supervisor.

We shot this video today to reinforce our campaign slogan, "If you're pissed, vote Petrelis!"

What better way to do this than in a men's room standing near urinals? Needless to say, the candidate gave full permission to be videotaped making good use of the restroom and proudly wore his SF Giants' apparel.

All District 8 voters are asked to vote three times for Petrelis. Mark all three ranked-choice columns, with Petrelis' name at the top of each, and let the incumbent, Mayor Ed Lee, their wealthy tech friends, the real estate and construction industries and power-brokers such as Willie Brown know you're pissed off.

As Election Day draws closer, we again express deep gratitude to everyone who has donated or taped up posters or worn a button or shared campaign info via social media (do more of that, please!) and already voted for Petrelis. Thank you.


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