Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SFPD Traffic Safety Survey Omits Bad Biker Question

As someone whose main mode of transportation is a bicycle and who spends much time walking on sidewalks, I know just how dangerous our streets and sidewalks can be because of rogue bicyclists.

I've had dozens of near-collisions with bicyclists running red lights, passing me on Valencia Street on the right when I'm hugging parked cars as a slow biker or barreling at me on a crowded sidewalk.

The San Francisco Police Department is conducting a traffic safety survey and their question four, pictured, omits bad biker behavior. The survey asks: "In your opinion, what are the biggest issues impacting pedestrian safety in San Francisco?"

The choices are "Speed/Aggressive Driving", "Drivers Disobeying Traffic Signs/Signals", "Distracted Drivers", "Distracted Pedestrians" or "Road Conditions".

Nothing about aggressive bicyclists or bikers disobeying traffic laws.

That this SFPD survey was designed without addressing the behavior of bicyclists behaving badly means the results won't accurately reflect all the factors that make our urban streets and sidewalk a hazard to many people.

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Ken said...

Glad to hear more people speaking up about bad behavior cyclists. It's a big problem. What is so lacking in them that they would have such low regard for others?

I've had numerous very close calls with bicyclist passing beside and in front of me while I was walking on the sidewalk or crosswalk. Some passed less than a foot away to well within my reach. They were traveling as fast as they would on the street. With some there was no warning they were coming. And one actually hit me on Market St, and it wasn't a little tap.

I've seen so much bad behavior, attitude and arrogance from some cyclists over the years. Some even directed at me as I was doing everything properly while riding my own bicycle.

If some place starts selling spike strips for bicycle tires, I'm buying some.