Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bono & BofA Begging for HIV Bucks in the Castro

The acronym WAD, for many HIV organizations and corporations looking to increase their revenue or brand awareness, stands for World AIDS Dollars. Technically speaking, WAD equals World AIDS Day every December 1st, but it's increasingly nothing more than a marketing tool of little benefit to people living with AIDS or those at risk-of contracting HIV.

A perfect example of how this can be found in San Francisco Castro's district at the LGBT crossroads of Castro and 18th Streets, in the windows of the Bank of America.

This financial institution, with billions in profits, has partnered with U2 musician Bono and his RED organization that works on international HIV efforts, for the Turn Your Miles (RED) fundraising project.

Here's how BofA describes this PR, er, philanthropic endeavor:

From October 12 until December 7, 2014, for every mile, up to a weekly cap published at NIKE.COM/ONESTEP4RED, recorded on Nike+ Running as part of the Turn Your Miles (RED) pledge program Bank of America Corporation will donate $.40 to the U.S. Fund for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to support and fund prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, up to a total maximum donation of $1,000,000.

BofA is probably spending at least one million dollars on its feel-good PR campaign and could easily drop a few million bucks into Bono's charity's coffers without any problem.

If you want to help a homeless person with HIV or any individual living on San Francisco's streets, as the holiday season begins and we approach World AIDS Day, skip giving any money to Bono or BofA.

Instead, drop some green bills into the hands of the homeless folks on the streets of the Castro, trying to survive the winter and keep warm and food in their stomachs.

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Johntango Iversen said...

I've heard that one and red spend 90% on themselves.
Groups like MSF and Oxfam America return 95% to the people via food, healthy water and medical services. He doesn't toot his horn, but Carlos Santana has done quite a bit more behind the scenes than Bobo gas publicly.