Friday, November 14, 2014

2,001 District 8 Voters Can't be Wrong!

The San Francisco Department of Elections continues to count vote-by-mail and other ballots from the November 4th election and yesterday's daily update contained excellent news for my DIY Democracy campaign for Supervisor.

Thanks to District 8 voters, my vote tally now stands at 2,001 and it feels good to break the 2,000 mark, and to remain in second place.

Additionally, the number of votes for all four challengers to the incumbent is 6,535 and is a robust figure. Let's look at other D8 stats from the department for the election.

There are 53,781 registered voters in the district, of which 29,361 cast ballots and 24,420 didn't bother to vote last week.

The incumbent has thus far received 22,924 votes, but if when you combine the number (24,240) of folks who didn't vote and the 6,535 figure of the votes for us challengers, the total is 30,955.

In other words, the incumbent was reelected with less than half of registered voters casting ballots.

By the way, in the 2010 race for D8 Supervisor, the fourth-placed candidate was Bill Hemenger who is a business executive and quit his job at Oracle to run for office. His vote total was 1,802, which is nothing to sneeze at given his low-wattage name.

Needless to say, I think it's interesting to note I received more votes this year than Hemenger did in 2010.

Again, much gratitude to all who voted for me or in any way supported my alternative candidacy.

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