Friday, November 07, 2014

Chiu Slings Feces at Campos in New Mailer
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis
(Originally posted here on October 29.)

Today's snail-mail contained a new mailer from an independent expenditure committee (wink, wink), promoting Supervisor David Campos for the District 17 seat of the State Assembly and it brought San Francisco politics to a new low.

The mailer features an image of an alleged Mission District resident identified only as Allie E. and she's quoted saying, "I live on the street with the most human feces in David Campos' district. David Campos has done nothing to address this issue. All of our neighborhoods deserve better."

Chiu's supporters are now slinging feces at Campos after throwing vomit at Campos in a mailer last week. Can anyone tell us how to measure, as Allie E. apparently has, the amount of people poop on the streets of the Mission? We're just curious how she determined her block has the most fecal matter of all streets in the Campos district.

The issue of lack of public restrooms for all citizens and visitors, whether homeless or housed individuals, is a public health problem in desperate need of address.

We believe all members of the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee have not done nearly enough thinking about providing more toilets for folks to use so they don't have to pee and poop on the streets.

In Chiu's mailer last week, er, from an independent expenditure committee, Campos was alleged to have stood by as his supporters vomited on shuttle buses.

Well, we're saying Chiu and his backers, including Mayor Lee and tech mogul Ron Conway, are silently standing by as their choice for assembly slings metaphorical puke and poop on Campos. It's time for the Mayor and Conway to denounce such sleazy political crap, pun intended.

After we #VotePetrelis, we're voting for Campos for assembly and we hope you also cast ballots for Petrelis and Campos.

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