Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SFPD Update on Investigation of Feather Lynn's Death

Just over three months ago, a member of the Radical Faerie tribe named Feather Lynn, nee Bryan Higgins, pictured, was involved in an altercation early on August 10 on Church Street near Duboce. He passed away from injuries on August 13 and the San Francisco Police Department opened an investigation into the matter.

This is the statement the SFPD released to me today:

"The individual whose image has been released in both a short video and still photographs has not been identified. The distortion present in both forms of  [video and screengrab] media has made this task challenging. No arrests have been made in the death of Mr. Higgins. This is still an open and ongoing investigation. The San Francisco Police Department has received multiple leads and is actively investigating them. The SFPD strongly encourages anyone who may have any information into the death of Mr. Higgins to come forward."

The department has still not explained why they took more than a week to release an image of the suspect, while the case and leads grew cold. What they released today is generic and really provides no specifics, but at least the cops know there is continuing interest in this case.

Seth Hemmelgarn of the Bay Area Reporter has provided extensive coverage about Feather Lynn's demise and spoke with a witness a few after the altercation took place.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, in whose district the incident occurred and in which Feather lived, was quick to seize upon the episode to show his law-and-order agenda:

"[W]e need to stay the course in growing our depleted and under-staffed police department back to full staffing. [...] In 2011, in my first year in office, we worked to fund the first academy class in years, and we are now funding 3 classes every year. [...] But, until we re-grow the department, we need to make do with what we have, and that means smart use of resources to nip in the bud criminal behavior before it escalates like this."

As Hemmelgarn reported, friends of Feather including his neighbor Brian Busta said Feather had serious mental health problems that weren't being addressed leading many in the gay and Castro community to say this was not an episode showing a need for expanding the police department, but more resources were required for mental health programs.

Brian Busta and I spoke on the phone today and he asked that I mention he and other friends of Feather are still grieving over his death. They are hoping the police soon provide answers about altercation, apprehend and question a suspect, and solve this crime.

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Rusty said...

Yeah, sure. The police are so understaffed that they have trouble investigating a murder. But when there's a group of urban nudists giving speeches at Jane Warner Plaza, the police department can spare 15 police officers to harrass the nudists and arrest them for breaking Scott Wiener's law that criminalizes public nudity.

The SFPD is a bad joke. So is Scott Wiener.