Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TABC: 'Saddened' Over Head Injury to Gay Man
During Ft Worth Bar Raid

This release hit my in-box a short while ago, and while I'm pleased the administrator expresses mild regret over the injury caused to Chad Gibson during the raid, I am furious the TABC folks expend just a single sentence on the suffering of this gay man.

Let us also not forget it's taken 2-3 days for the TABC to issue any sort of public statement about the hospitalization of Gibson, demonstrating real concern for him and his health status. Did it take so many days to say anything about Gibson's injury because TABC needed time to put the best possible spin on their raid?

You can follow the reaction of gay Texans and their response to the raid, including a vigil for Gibson tonight, at the Dallas Voice's blog.

Finally, if anyone knows of a fund being established to help Gibson and his family deal with his medical expenses, please let me know about it and I'll promote it.

Here are excerpts from the TABC release:
At the Rainbow Lounge, TABC agents placed one individual under arrest, Chad Gibson who was injured while in the agents’ custody. Mr. Gibson was released to paramedics for treatment of alcohol poisoning and a head injury and transported to a local hospital.

“We are saddened that this incident occurred and extend our sincere hope that Mr. Gibson recovers quickly,” said TABC Administrator Alan Steen. “I have initiated an internal affairs investigation to answer questions about how these locations were chosen, to review the agents’ actions, and specifically to establish the facts surrounding Mr. Gibson’s injury."

[Deleted positive self-serving spin on the alleged great work of TABC because I'm not their mouthpiece.]

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