Friday, July 17, 2009

HRC's Gay Iraq Ad on SF Kiosk?:

Altering the Message

My friend Rick Gerharter, longtime community photojournalist, tipped me off to the altered Human Rights Campaign poster on a three-sided kiosk on Market Street, near the Gold's Gym facility in the Castro.

I am quite impressed one or more persons took the time to engage in non-violent urban redecoration, and in such a professional manner. The alterations are carefully affixed to the poster, and are under the locked plate-glass. This was no slap-dash operation, and it clearly shows.

Kudos to the activist(s) responsible for this bit of street activism. I also take exception to the notion that the organizers and participants in SF's recent protests and fundraisers for gay Iraqis have not opposed the war itself. We have marched in the streets and raised our voices against the entire war, and called for an end to the U.S. occupation.

That aside, the small efforts by a handful of human rights advocates in SF on behalf of gay Iraqis is laudable and should be duplicated by gays across the country. If you want to help gay Iraqi refugees, send a donation to the Lebanese LGBT group Helem, which is directing aiding them.

(Thanks, Tate, for driving me to the kiosk and back home again. Couldn't have snapped the pics without you, my love.)

Have a look at the HRC poster capturing a few eyeballs in the Castro this weekend:

I usually have much to criticize about HRC, and will surely do in the future, but for right now, I want to say it's great to see them pitching in to help the gay Iraqi refugees. HRC is holding a fundraiser next week at their headquarters in DC. Click here for more info on it.

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