Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dore Alley: Cops Eject Haters,
No Sex, Pics Galore

Not even five minutes after I threw some bucks into the donation bucket at one of the entrances to today's Dore Alley Fair, a handful of (real) cops marched directly at me, with lots of consternation on their faces. All I had done at that point was get my camera ready, but I quickly saw why the cops were upset.

A crew of well-built men, black and white, pushing Jesus on huge banners, wearing Christian t-shirts and waving bibles in the air, were attempting to parade through the fair and the cops were trying to force them into an officially-designated "free speech zone."

As someone who has been corralled into such zones, I didn't like the SFPD and fair organizers attempting to restrict the assembly and speech rights on the streets. A compromise was soon reached, allowing the haters to parade down Folsom Street, as long as they left the fair.

That flare up attracted little attention and everyone got one with the business of the day - showing and appreciating lots of male flesh. Here are a few pics from the day.


The silver bearded men told the cops their mission was to "save" the gays.



Russell, my acupuncturist

Reminded me of my pal Gregg Scott

Arnell "Rice Patty" Rodis and Ken Hodnett

Fred Menard

Allen Jones




In years past, the sidewalk next to the Powerhouse's exit on Dore Alley, right off Folsom Street, was the spot for consensual public sex and watersports play among adult males. No more. The fair's security booth, along with at least one SF police department officer, occupied a good chuck of the sidewalk and street by the exit. And plenty of "no oral sex" and "no pissing" sign were plastered on the bar's exterior wall.


Anonymous said...

The very same Jebus freaks were in San Diego for Pride. The short scumbag with the goatee is Ruben Israel.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he has a video on YouTube which tells it all . . a Jesus Freak to be sure!

The Poetry of Barry G. Wick said...

Believe me, I want to save a few of those queers, too, and they come over anytime to let me do that....or they can save me. We'll take turns saving each other. Who's Jesus? Never heard of him.

Unknown said...

Gee, that guy is the no fellatio sign has a wide stance...

Anonymous said...

Funny how these self-appointed 'saviors' always show up when there's lots of bare/bear skin on display.

Unknown said...

Now I need to meet Gregg Scott because that guy is my uber-super friend Martijn!

Moby said...

What many people don't realize is public nudity is perfectly legal in SF, barring any sexual acts or innuendo. There is also a restriction around schools. (duh) Sex or "acts" in public are illegal and have been so for some time.

That said, Dore/Folsom have long been known for their sexual openness/expressions. For many years, SFPD has basically turned a blind eye at these events because no one complained and SF being such a progressive City.

It is unfortunate because of complaints from not only fundamental groups but also may within the gay community they've been forced to take a more hard-line approach.

Many officers volunteer to work these events because they are known to be relatively drama-free in the scope of dangerous or criminal acts.