Saturday, July 25, 2009

HRC's Basketball Tournament
Launches in Oregon?

Last week's issue of Portland's Just Out newspaper urged female readers to sign up for the latest bit of diversionary nonsense from HRC, the group that will one day deliver federal equality to LGBT persons.

From rubber chicken dinners to housewares and apparel at their retail outlets, to gay military educational tours instead of daily vigils and pickets at the White House, HRC can think of more ways to insure our eyes are rarely focused on prize -- Washington.

This basketball event is just the latest in a continuing series of bullshit actions that will go for decades, if gay Democrats don't once and for all demand this group stop playing games, no pun intended, and get down to serious and relentless advocacy in DC that actually delivers change.

From Just Out:
The Human Rights Campaign’s Inaugural Women’s 3x3 Basketball Tournament, scheduled for July 25 at Irving Park (3535 NE Seventh), is still asking for teams to register so that the tournament may reach its full potential.

Organizer Shaley Howard hopes for 32 teams in the tournament, but so far has only had about 12 teams sign up.

Howard commented that with such a low number of teams, the tournament now has plenty of prizes. Players need not be of professional faculty, and Howard has continued to encourage that any player, from any walk of life and skill level is invited.

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