Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butt My Proctologist Is a Pain in the A-hole

There is so much stigma surrounding the human butt and medical problems that can afflict that part of the body, that even I, a pushy gay advocate who has no problems discussing and promoting anal sex and anal condoms, have been reluctant to tell friends I had an operation "down there" yesterday.

I wasn't going to blog about the operation, out of embarrassment mainly, but changed my mind. And why not tell people I had anal surgery, and am recovering just fine?

If had gone to the hospital yesterday for a half-day procedure on my foot or neck, and was laying low dealing with the incredible pain, I'd have no problem blabbing about it. But, tell people, not in any great details, of course, that I've had anal surgery and some of them blush.

So there are two central points I wish to make here. One, I had fistula surgery and it went well. Two, regardless of your gender or sexual activities, take care of your butt and have it examined regularly by a doctor.

Okay, actually three points. Even though I can be quite the Randall P. McMurphy kind of difficult patient right out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and in need of a Nurse Ratched, my partner Mike assures me I've been a very good patient.

Funny, how powerful painkillers can render a patient into cooperating with his care-givers!

And finally, big thanks to the proctologist Dr. Robert Bush, his aides Selena and Cesar, all the nurses at Davies Medical Center, my regular doctor, Fred Strauss, and the staff at Castro Mission Health Center, and to my Mike. He deserves a medal for taking care of me.

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Larry-bob said...

As W.C. Fields communicated to Charles Laughton after the latter's fistula surgery, I hope you feel a hole lot better. (reference: Elsa Lanchester, Herself)