Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wiener Phone Robbery: 
Woman Jailed 1-Year Awaiting Trial

For the past year, a destitute and homeless black woman and her son were arrested after they robbed political powerhouse Scott Wiener. When Lasonya Wells and her son Damian Wells grabbed his phone and tried to rob him of money also near the 16th Street BART Plaza, their extraordinary harsh treatment by corrupt DA George Gascon began.

According to the page one August 15 SF Chronicle story Gascon brought a kidnapping for ransom charge against Wells, which could have sent her to prison for life.

Her public defender Yali Corea-Levy successfully had that charge dropped by Lasonya still faces felonious and misdemeanor robbery, extortion and grand theft charges that could send her to prison for a long time.

The public defender's office informed me today that Lasonya is still in custody and her next court date is January 6. No word if her son is also in jail or the status of charges against him.

This is the second time Wiener has put someone through the criminal justice system over what are quite small potato incidents hardly worth clogging and the courts and jail for. Recall my experience after snapping his photo in a City Hall men's room.

Law-and-order fag Wiener, who's Trump-lite in many ways, enjoys the privilege of having the DA use his resources for a minor robbery.

How many phone thefts lead to two arrests, major charges and a full year in jail, with no end in sight, for one possibly two poor black folks? What is the cost for housing and feeding and tending to the medical needs of Wells and is she really a flight risk, if released?

As with Trump, whose supporters' views I don't have much time for, the same goes for Wiener voters.

The plight of Lasonya Wells and Damian Wells is a travesty of the rigged San Francisco criminal justice industrial complex, due to the power-flexing of Wiener over Gascon.

I'll be at the courthouse on January 6 to demand the freedom of Lasonya Wells and Damian Wells.

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