Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mother Jones's $200K Salaries; Boring Liberal Lecturing

Fighting like heck is profitable for a few folks in the world of liberal nonprofit media.

Clara Jeffrey, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, whose total compensation last year was $195,000 according to their latest IRS 990 filing, has a predictable and boring call to arms against the coming Trump presidency.

The new Mother Jones urgently exhorts the masses to "Rise Up!" and resist Trump, as Jeffrey lavishes praise on her publication:

"This is a time when we're called on to do things we may not have done before. To face down bigotry and hate, and to reach beyond our Facebook feeds in trying to do so. To fight disinformation instead of meeting it with the same. To listen to the anxieties of Trump supporters and the critiques of allies and to learn.

As for those of us at Mother Jones, we will continue to do what we always strive to do: shine light into dark corners, expose abuses of power, call out cronyism and corruption, and, in the words of our namesake, fight like hell for the living. We've got our work cut out for us. All of us.

Such pablum could run pretty much as is after any election or political turmoil. I don't want such lecturing when it completely ignores the fuckup shit show that is the Democratic Party and their operatives.

Jeffrey doesn't tell me anything I don't already know.

As part of my media accountability campaign, I'm sharing the compensation of Mother Jones's top executives to bring more transparency to this outlet.

Monica Bauerlein, CEO: $195,359
Clara Jeffrey, Editor in Chief: $195,145
Steve Katz, Publisher: $204,549
Madeleine Buckingham, CFO: $200,105
David Corn, DC Bureau Chief: $175,021
Khary Brown, Advertising Director: $174,440

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