Thursday, December 08, 2016

Isabelle Huppert Refuses HIV PEP in 'Elle'

They're minor mentions, but stood out for this queer and poz cineaste.

In Paul Verhoeven's new French film "Elle" starring the amazing Isabelle Huppert delivering a monumental career-capping performance, two references to HIV crop up.

First, after she's gone through the trauma of being raped by an unknown assailant, she's seen getting blood drawn for STD tests and is offered PEP, post exposure prophylaxis, to avert acquiring HIV.

She declines PEP, citing the relatively minor side effects of taking well-studied HIV drugs for two-weeks.

Later on, in a scene with her mother enjoying the erotic attentions of her very hunky and handsomely paid boy-toy, Huppert who disapproves of their relationship, she interrupts them sharing a kiss

Huppert asks if he knows her mother is HIV poz, which she isn't, and everyone wanly smiles and sighs.

The HIV mentions aside, "Elle" is a terrific film on many levels and Huppert is receiving widening and well-deserved accolades from critics and groups that bestow awards, for her work. Check it out.

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