Monday, December 05, 2016

BART Vote Total = 10,500 and Big Thanks!

The semi-final vote count from the Department of Elections last week shows I received 10,499 votes in my race for the BART board. 

I've rounded the figure up by one for headline purposes and because it's easier to tell folks 10,500. That's 6.91% of votes cast. What fine numbers, especially considering I spent less than $100 for the entire campaign.

The department has no more ballots to count and Gregory P. Slocum, their campaign services director, says there's no chance a single stray vote will be found for me. 

A big shoutout and thanks to all who cast ballots for me or in any way supported my BART campaign, with special gratitude to my loving hubby Mike, who was willing to don a goofy hat to help me get votes!

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